This is just classical slashfic.

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Couldn't play at first until I pressed W on my Mac. Seems like this game plays using the WASD buttons on the keyboard. Hope this helped others with the same problem. Btw I loved this history lesson! 

in the sisyphus bit, technically he is a bad man because he tried to cheat death. but anyways good game (as usual)

i have not played yet but the title really caught my eye because i absolutely love greek mythology


I do love a happy ending


lmao i love this

Hey! I'm a guy who is trying to earn a little on the side and I was wondering if I could help you out with helping you make some 3D/2D models. I've got 4 years of experience in Rhinoceros and I'll make any object from about 5 to 20 bucks. Thanks! 

Hi! I'm not really looking for anything like that right now, but I'll definitely keep it in mind for the future! Do you have a portfolio page or something that I can save?

I think you found a marvelous way to be kind of educating and entertaining at the same time! I really loved the chapter about Sisyphos the most, because I always pictured him whistling the dialogue you wrote for him. :) I included this funny Bitsy game in our compilation article of the jam along with three other wonderful entries as well as in the related showcase video. Thank you so much for your work, looking forward to new stuff of yours! <3

Best wishes,

Oh wow, thanks for the feature! I'm glad you liked it!

I absolutely did! Keep up the great work. :)

I LOVE greek myths! Although I feel like you switched some stuff around, lol

hmmmmm no I think this is how the story usually  goes. I'm pretty sure.

Hmmm, well I learned that Hercules saved 'em, but all these different stories, It doesn't really matter. The game was great!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

omg the fucking end KILLED ME this is so good!!!!! this is amazing!!!!! holy shit!! 


Why could they fly though? Who can say.

the power of gay *wags eyebrows*


a) this is beautiful. Like, this is amazing, I am envious of the art and it's just so stylish aargh

b) it's 3am here and I may have woken my family up laughing at this and I might die

Haha thanks for playing!

Ahhh, the style of this is so good!!!

Thank you!!!