It's christmas, and Ratty needs some food...
My secret santa game for Chelsea, hope u like it!

Thanks to Sean for a ton of hacks n help

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TagsAnimals, Bitsy, Christmas, Food, Stealth


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I know I left a comment in the Bitscord when you posted this but I'm leavin one here too cause I'm playin it again!!! 😭Thank you so much, it is just so tremendously cute - I can't get over it.

i'm so glad you like it!! your prompts were very good

I loved this game! I was wondering the whole time if the cat was going to chase you, and it totally paid off. I loved how batty saved you after you dove off the table too! 

thank you! im really happy with that scene


festive! I like it when Ratty walks backwards hehe

haha i could not be bothered to figure out flipping for the multi-sprite... i guess it's a moonwalk now

Good rat!

thank you!