Seriously, what did you do to these ghouls?

Created in Bitsy by Adam Ledoux for the oh no jam.
Thanks to Mildmojo and Sean for some hacks.
The music is a remix by Franz Keller at Overclocked Remix.
The Puck is not my property, obviously.

In case you're curious, this game has 853 rooms. The average playthrough will see 21 of them. 

It is impossible to escape forever.


Or is it?



Really though, you can't win.



Or can you?



(You can't.)





(You probably can't.)

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
Made withbitsy


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haha that was fun!


sudden urge to math out if impossible for puck man to get to top of screen

Thank you for making this. This reminds me of the 5 rooms problem. Those dialog boxes are impossibly cute. “It happened! Ghosts!” “Ah. Ah!” “Oh! Well.” Have a good day

Oh my god.

This is amazing

Oh no! Ghosts! 

This made me laugh way too hard :D  Impressive work!



i don't wanna know how long this took lol

honestly it took way too long

Hey Empha, I'm having a really hard time on this game i'm currently making, and I'd really appreciate your help. I tried out your hacks, the ones that make you warp to a different room via talking to sprites, but I can't make heads or tails of the written explanation. I'm a huge fan of your work, and it would really mean a lot if you explained how to use it, and I'm sure you could help other people too. 

Oh sure, I'd love to help. (Although it's not really my hack, Mildmojo wrote it.)

So when you download your game from the bitsy page, you get a .html file. To make the hack work, you need to open that file in some text editor and paste the code of the hack in its own script tag. Like this: "<script>[the hack]</script>" Putting it near the end of the file, right after the last </script> tag, seems the most reliable.

To use the hack, just add exit commands to the dialog of some sprite. It can appear anywhere in dialog, and should look like this: (exit "roomname, x, y") Just replace roomname, x and y with the value you want. using exitNow instead of exit will move you instantly, instead of waiting until the dialog is over.

If anything's still unclear, don't be afraid to ask!

Thank you so much! What do the x and y mean, is that the sprite value?

x and y are coordinates counting from the top left tile. x is sideways, y is up-down

How do you get to a different room? If they all look different then I can't get past the first one

Oh no, they all look mostly the same. I meant room in bitsy terms, so every time you move you're seeing a new room.

Wow, I can't believe this was done in Bitsy! You got so inventive with it. 853 rooms, I can't even imagine. This game is so fun I kept smiling every time I died. Absolutely charming. :)

Thanks so much!

Impressive. :-) How did you get the ghost sprites as different colours?

Bitsy has built in support for more than three colors per palette. (but still just one color per tile/sprite/item) It can't be done through the editor though, you have to edit directly in the data window.

It's okay I found the thread explaining it.... plus other hacks. :-)

Deleted 3 years ago

Here you go- there's a screen shot which shows an example of the code you can change in the game data. 

Deleted 3 years ago

Wow! That's really impressive! I like that each ghost has a different face. Nice touch.

Haha yeah, I wanted to give them some personality. Thanks for playing!

Holy moley.  I can't imagine how much time it must have taken to flesh this one out. Congrats on the output!

Thank you! I did a lot of it during downtime at work, so it honestly didn't feel that long.

First time I played I've somehow cracked the game and became invisible for ghosts lol

Yeah, there was a bug. Should be fixed now though!

I wonder how did you make it. Did you really create different room for all the situations? Amazing.

Yeah, there's a lot of rooms in this one

I used to do a Pac-Man in bitsy, but only to do tests with the online engine.

omg this is amazing!!!!!!


Thanks!!!! I love these mean ghosts!!