A downloadable list

(by the criteria that i can think of them while I'm writing this list)

Digimon world (the most significant video game bc i was playing it earlier today)

Game about an orange with feet? or maybe just an orange ball idk

Bayonetta 1

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 3 (theoretically)

that game on dan-ball where you're a bunch of stick figures

space bubble cat

super mario


Onionland 2

Moomin game i had when i was a kid

The dan-ball game is called stick ranger, i looked it up

beckys apple

dril simulator 2018

one night at castle snackerel

the one i made where you're a slime

house game

so sorry for putting my own games on there but to be fair they are very significant

cowboy feet

fort nite???

oh dr mario on gameboy (i play this a lot, very significant)

The pokemon card game video game

syringa vulgarises games (thanks to syringa vulgaris for the suggestion)

freddi fish of course

star trek

Bitsy online

The spooky tower game

Parasite eve

Bobo's adventure

I didn't actually know there was a game called bobo's adventure but the name just came into my mind so i looked it up and turns out it's real

hatoful boyfriend


you know what i think im tired of this now... so long

peggle 2

The cover image is Detail Of A Woman Writing With A Quill by Adelaide Labille-Guiard
feel free to mantion if there's any games i forgot

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I can't believe you managed to include all significant video games in one list, bravo

the only games I could think of that you missed are my games, but its an easy mistake, its hard to keep up with the cutting edge of things

PS. No joke, I think Beckys Apple was the first Bitsy game I played

omg really, that's so cool! & thank you for the suggestion