i was thinking about my old house, so i made a little tour. that's all. 

and then

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I enjoyed this house more than I enjoyed House (1977)


ahh man i should have put that cat in as an easter egg...

cool game i love the idea!

thank you!

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I've been having lots of fun exploring the house, this is a lovely idea! I've found five endings, are there more to find?

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hi, thanks for playing! yeah, there's still something left to find


Such house, much leaves! I like how the abstract nature of the house lets the narration fill the space - very good :)

aah thanks, i'm glad you liked it!!


What an excellent little tour of your old house that didn't make my brain leap out of my skull even a tiny bit!

thank you for visiting my house ducky :3


wow! what a nice little reminiscence. thanks for sharing :)

i'm glad you liked it! it was a nice place to live


holy shit


thanks for visiting my house!