So I made an old-school jrpg kinda thing in bitsy.  Hope you like it!
It might take a bit to load, but hopefully less than a minute.

Some tips:

  • You might need to grind sometimes before you go forward. (but not a lot)
  • You can buy weapon and armor upgrades in the shop.
  • Most fights have several lines of info text.
  • Sleep in your bed to get fully healed.

Music suggestions:

Thanks to:

  • Mildmojo for the dialog exit hack
  • Sean for the transparency hack
  • Onion for letting me borrow their little onion detective
  • Adam for creating Bitsy. It's so much fun.
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GenreRole Playing
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, JRPG


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wow I love this !!! 

Hey, that was an incredible bitsy game!! Well done =)

oh thank you, i'm glad you liked it!

I thought my little Bitsy dialogue thing was interesting but this is actually amazing that you were able to an actual RPG-style game in Bitsy!

It's also pretty fun, kinda like old flash games that I used to play on Kongregate.
Just as I was going to take a picture of it, the game satrted working.

Really fun, though I would have like to see something to show how many things are left, like secrets and such.

Oh it's working, that's great. Thanks for checking it out!

I understand wanting to find everything, but I also think secrets should be secret. I feel like a completion counter might kind of ruin the fun of discovery.

When I open it up, it just shows white, sometimes with a tool bar at the top, but other times not.

Hmm, a tool bar? I haven't heard of this before, do you mind showing me what it looks like?

I love the use of the exit hack! This game is absolutely fantastic.

Oh thank you! I'm so happy that people are still playing this game!

I've had it on my list since you released it, but I haven't had enough time to keep up with all of the awesome bitsy games recently. 

Doesn't work on my laptop. It says the script doesn't respond. What can i do?

Oh no, I really don't know. Do other bitsy games work for you, do you know?

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Yup. Any other bitsy game, except lil onion detective 2 (which encounters the very same problem).

...Dunno? Firefox issue? Too many hacks? Too old computer?

Huh, that's strange. I do use some hacks that aren't usually in bitsy games, but I don't know why they wouldn't work. Maybe try a different browser, that's all I can think of. Thanks for the interest anyway!

this is effin amazing! and thanks for all the bitsy tips! 

by far the most impressive bitsy game I've seen. I'm amazed that I've just sat for over half an hour playing a single bitsy game! I love it!

This is astounding. This is an amazing thing. I have no idea how you did half of this stuff but my brain is exploding.

Thanks! If you're curious, there's a comment further down where I explain some hacks. Other than that it's just a loooooooot of variables and really long dialog trees.

Deleted 2 years ago

Oh wow, thanks so much! I'm glad you played it and liked it! Since we're all figuring out how to use bitsy together, I'm gonna share my secrets right here:

  • Bitsy rooms can have two-char "names", I'd guess going up to zz, so that's 37*37. (though this game only has like 70.)
  • For the warping, I used a great hack by mildmojo (thanks section in the description) which I put into the html file generated by bitsy
  • By slowed down animation I guess you mean the avatar? That's done by using a little trick that someone in the discord found. (I think it was mildmojo that did that first as well, for their midnight jam game.)  Basically bitsy has built in support for multi-frame animations, but you have to type it into the data window directly. So it's actually several identical frames in a row that simulate a longer/slower frame.

It was really fun to make this game (although I was a bit tired of it near the end, as you can maybe tell from the final battle) and I'm so so happy that people like it. 

this is so good!!!! i'm kinda in awe of it all!!! love the little mystery :D and all the npcs! and that major fight is just so !!!!!!

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Thank youuu! I'm glad I could make a little mystery for your detective!

Super Fun. Afraid I was not able to solve the puzzle though