What if all beds were illegal... and you were gettin sleepy?
(arrow keys to move, bump into stuff to check it out!)

My secret santa game for gusfuss! Hope you like it!

Thanks to Sean for some hacks n stuff! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

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Thank you for this cute little story!

I ended up sleeping on the pile of dirty clothes


This was excellent, I'm very happy to have helped this cat find a place to nap

i went to sleep in a shopping bag :3

i'm so happy for you!

Awww that was cute! I was like "why is he looking for a bed?" so I loved the ending! Cute drawings as well!

Actually, a really good bedtime story/game. Goodnight, little cat.


sometimes you just need a freaking nap!!!!


don't i know it!


so cute!!


haha this is so cute and funny!! love the art, like the kitchen especially just feels/looks so nice?? everything is really cozy! <3


i really love this!!


Yes! I successfully put the cat to sleep!! Nice little game, loved the minimalist art and the cute cat design, it was nice to explore