Your new cat friend is here! Yay!
I've been thinking about how to make more systems-based bitsy games using the dialog system, which inspired this lil experiment. I might give it some updates soon to make it a bit more, you know, fun.

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n o i c e


My video on the game.

Deleted 3 years ago

I’m having trouble figuring out from the video what you did to get the cat to run. Would you explain what you clicked on?

Deleted 3 years ago
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I’m sure that the answer might be more helpful to other people who run into the same problem, if you shared that here, instead of making people individually contact you.

Or if that is your policy, you may want to include that at the beginning of your videos, that you don’t answer questions except on Twitch and Discord, even when you have time to respond to tell people you won’t answer their questions.

It’s obviously up to you how helpful you like to be…

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Your goatee is adorable, btw. <3 >.< <3

I did actually check out your social media before deciding to post this, so this isn’t just a standoff between two people being too lazy to actually accommodate each other.

I’m sure you have reasons for making everyone contact you outside the forum, and I have my reasons for not giving out my personal social media information to someone don’t already know outside the forum. So we’re at an impasse.

Better luck for me next time, I guess. :shrug:

At the end of the game after the cat goes crazy, there's a sleeping screen and i can move the arrow anywhere on the screen. is this a bug or meant to happen?

i got spooked. i didn't know the cat would make such a strange face. yay.

Why Bug?

I made the cat poof by making him sleep too much to a blank screen


I dont get it, when the cat goes crazy then falls asleep then you can move the arrow there is nothing else, is it suppose to be like that?

hmm no, that doesn't sound right, thanks for letting me know! this was kind of an experiment so there are some bugs


Hey! I saw this comment I posted 3 years ago and decided to play the game again since I don't remember it but it seems the bug is still the same and the game is unplayable? Do you ever plan on fixing the game or has the game been abandoned?

I've had the same bug :P

Same here.

This is super cool! These types of games are always a joy, and making one in Bitsy is fantastic.

Such a cool project.

Poor Rosie always seems to be hungry. I can relate.

Ha yeah, little kittens have to eat often! Thanks for playing ^^


nice game though i feel like some of the cat expressions scare me a little xD but still such a cute kitty rosie is!


hahaha yeah he gets scary! I was just playing around drawing faces and then once in a while I'm like "ok this one is terrible, let's put it in the game"

oh yeah i'd do the same xD

Nice tamagotchi clone, and very good text screen integration.

How is Rosie supposed to get dirty with quizzes? :D


well you get dirty from playing, that's just how it is in this world!