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so well  made :)


good job

thank you! this was my first game ever ^^


This game is fantastic, and it's given me some ideas for a future project that I'm really excited about.

I'm looking forward to playing the rest of your games.

ah thank you!! this is the first game i ever finished so it's got a special place in my heart...


Adorably creepy!

thank you!


I am not a good friend. 

Lovely little game with neat effects! Thank you so much for the secret ending as well, I was afraid that letting the cute little thing die was the only option!

So sweet! I really like how you made a retry feature that was shortened, it was a clever idea. 

oh this is cute!

I love the mood of this

This was cute and fun. How did you get all of the dialog boxes to pop up as you walked along.

Thanks! The dialog comes from invisible items on the path, that talk when you step on them.

Thats brilliant!!!! I love it.

this was great! love the "retry" structure and also how you focused each room down to just a few visual elements that were really striking

aw the secret ending! i finally properly played it and got all the ending and gosh i love this game so much! the flowers and the multiple slime animation! its just so good!!!!!


aaah thank you! 

This game made me really happy. I really did want to watch the flowers forever. The game is so calm, i just want to take a nap after playing it. This was really lovely.

Thanks! I'm really happy you liked it!

This was a really cool experience. I love the way you used colour (the transition at the first flower was so neat!), and including the shortened sequence after the first ending made it really interesting to keep playing.

Thanks for playing! I felt like I had to add the shortened rerun, playing the whole thing again would take way too much patience.

what a cute, eerie, trippy experience. Thank you

I agree,  the colors were really trippy! I liked that alot

Thanks for checking it out!


I guess I killed my friend... But the colors were great!

Also the "retry" button was a neat idea!

Don't feel bad, that could happen to anyone! Thanks for playing ^^

Ditto, the retry concept is great. I liked the secret ending!

Glad you liked it! I didn't plan the secret ending originally, but I ended up loving my slime too much to totally doom it.