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*spooky ghost noise*


what a delight. cannot comprehend how you made the pac man part work


thanks! haha it's uhh a lot of duplicate rooms...

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that’s what I figured. You are WAY more patient than I am

this is an amazing game, thanks for making it

oh yay thanks for playing!

That was so fun. Great idea. :D

Oh dear this was so cool 😳

what a cool concept! i really enjoyed this :-)

oh yay, thanks!

Nice joooob, i love the game

I'm employee of the month! impressive work here :)

same :)

omg em I LOVE THIS!!! so funny and i love the ending xD


love it!

cute, but very short

short and cool


that is so cool!


Love it so much! I love the map and the way you move around. And it's fun and cute.


really short but funny twist on the classic pac-man :D


This is awesome! I respect how much time it must have took to make the puck catching part. 


ha yeah, it took a whole evening... it's pretty automatic work though, so at least i could watch some movies while i did it!


i like all the different ghost expressions -__-


thank you! i'm happy i managed to get them so expressive


I went back to secure that title! In your face you little yellow pizza!!!!

hee hee, great little game, and a nice remix!